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Shaft Caddy

Shaft Caddy™ 2.0 | Golf Cart Phone & Tablet Holder with a Carbon Fiber Shaft

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    The #1 Phone & Tablet Holder made for Golf Carts!

    You won't find another Golf Cart phone holder that can fit both the phone and tablet!
    • Shaft Caddy 2.0 was designed to be modular giving you more positions to place your phone and tablet mount.
    • Easily mount the Shaft Caddy 2.0 carbon fiber shaft to the steering wheel of your Golf Cart.
    • Once the carbon fiber shaft has been added, you will then add the phone and tablet mount.
    • The mount rotates 360 degrees to meet your position.
    • Add your phone or tablet by sliding it into the mount.
    • The shaft clamp is adjustable and removable to fit any size Golf Cart.
    • Designed and built in the USA.

    Shaft Caddy is best used when...

    • GPS viewing
    • Recording your Golf swings
    • Staying connected
    • Listening to music
    • Watching your favorite game

    Let us know how you use your Shaft Caddy by tagging us on social media @shaftcaddy.

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    The Shaft Caddy 2.0 makes a great gift to your golf buddy, spouse, or neighbor.

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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

    We know you'll love the Shaft Caddy 2.0 but we understand we're not perfect. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item within 30-days of receipt.

    Improve Your Golf Game!

    Ever on the Golf course alone? The Shaft Caddy makes a great coach. Simply attach your phone or tablet to the Shaft Caddy, position it in the right angle and record your swing.

    Get A Birds Eye View Of The Golf Course!

    Playing on an unfamiliar course? Let the Shaft Caddy assist by holding your tablet and phone while you strategize your game.

    Be Hands-Free!

    More time to Golf? That's what the Shaft Caddy can do - stay connected with family and friends while being out on the course.