Top 5 Accessories for Your Golf Cart

Top 5 Accessories for Your Golf Cart

Golf carts are a necessary piece of equipment for any golfer. They provide a way to get from one hole to the next quickly and easily. While most golfers rely on their cart to get around the course, there are some accessories that can make using your golf cart even more enjoyable. Here are five accessories that you should consider adding to your golf cart.

1. Phone or Tablet Mount

Looking for the perfect way to keep your phone or tablet within easy reach while driving your golf cart? Use a mount from Shaft Caddy! This essential accessory mounts to your golf cart for easy GPS viewing, recording your golf swing, and staying connected.

2. Umbrella Holder

Keep your umbrella near while out on the course during overcast days. When the sun is shining, use it to hold things like water bottles and snacks.

3. Golf Bag Cover

Protect your golf bag from the elements, including rain, UV rays from harsh sun, birds, dirt, sand and more. It can also keep your clubs from getting dirty or wet while driving around the course.

4. Seat Cover

No one likes sitting on a wet or dirty seat. Use a seat cover to keep your golf cart seat clean, dry and protected from UV rays.

5. Cooler

Being out on the course all day can leave you dehydrated. Keep a cooler filled with cool drinks and snacks to stay hydrated and energized out on the course. Store your sunscreen or insect repellent here, too.

Next time you’re out on the golf course, make sure to have these top 5 accessories with you to make your golf game more enjoyable!

About the Shaft Caddy

The carbon fiber arm holds a mount that rotates 360 degrees for the perfect phone or tablet holder, whichever way you want it to face. Use it with your golf cart, push cart or anything with a bar diameter that measures between 3/4“and 1 1/4“. Built in the USA and backed by a 30-day, money-back guarantee.