There are 38,864 Golf Courses in 209 of the Worlds 249 Countries

There are 38,864 Golf Courses in 209 of the Worlds 249 Countries

What is an interesting random fact? Here’s one for you! More than 5.13 BILLION people in the world have a mobile smart phone. Here’s another one for you. There are over 38,864 golf courses in 209 of the world's 249 countries. Why does this matter though? Well, I would like to introduce to you an amazing product called the Shaft Caddy.

Shaft Caddy is a phone holder that mounts to any golf cart. Unlike most of our competitors’ products, we designed our product out of only the finest materials as you can see on display with our carbon fiber shaft.

The concept of Shaft Caddy roots from the importance of cell phones in our lives. Besides its practical work uses, our phones also grant us access to remain connected to our friends and loved ones while we are away, along with providing unlimited amounts of entertainment, along with more practical uses of our phones such as utilizing GPS navigation and snapping pictures.

The crew over at Shaft Caddy has mastered a stylish, safe, and convenient device for our customers. The Shaft Caddy has been designed to grip your phone in a fixed position regardless of any bumps or sharp turns you take (like we all like to do once in a while in a golf cart). The design is an adjustable locking grip that can fit any make or model of golf cart. The grip latches to the shaft of the steering wheel. Another fantastic feature of Shaft Caddy is that our design allows you to adjust the angle and display to your preference, whether that be landscape or portrait. Why did we do this? We designed it this way because it just makes sense.

Our competition deadlocks you into one display or the other, we feel that it makes no sense whatsoever to design a convenience utility product in a limiting way. Not to mention, the majority of our competitors offer cheap products. 

The Shaft Caddy was created to allow everyone to further enjoy their rounds of golf. You can use Shaft Caddy adequately throughout the round with live sports, and music, or you can set up a golf GPS app that will track your progress handsfree throughout the round while you focus on enjoying the game.

You can also substitute walking off yardages and simply use your phone for precise distance measuring straight from your phone being held in place by the Shaft Caddy. The Shaft Caddy encompasses such a wide variety of uses that we really encourage our customers to make it their own. Some of our clients love to use it to record their rounds to watch it back and share the highlights with others later. Some people love to use it to play music or face time friends and family to check in with them while they are away on the course. While others utilize our product as a game improvement tool such as recording their swing, or using GPS to track their rounds. Take a look at our customer reviews and videos on our effortless setup process to see Shaft Caddy in action.