The Best Gift For Father’s Day

The Best Gift For Father’s Day

Change dad’s golf game… forever.

Whether your dad is a professional golfer or hitting every shot into the bunker, show how much you love him this Father’s Day by gifting him his new favorite golf accessory.

By mounting his phone or tablet to the golf cart, dad will be able to do some of his favorite things like checking up on his sports teams, reading the news, reposting dad jokes on Facebook or FaceTiming loved ones to show off his swing. The Shaft Cady is a multifaceted, helpful and fun tool that will keep dad in the loop even while out on the golf course.

The Shaft Caddy is the premier golf accessory on the market that can be used to hold a mobile phone or tablet. Keeping devices easily within reach, it can be used on a push cart, golf cart or any bar that’s between 3/4“ and 1 1/4“ in diameter. The carbon fiber mount rotates 360 degrees to provide every possible angle.

The Shaft Caddy is the perfect hands-free tool to help dad with his golf game or, potentially, give him a much-needed distraction from it.

He can easily pull up YouTube videos for a reminder on how to hit the perfect pitch shot or use golf course apps to see the exact pin locations. After a bad shot, dad can play his favorite reset song or look at a picture of Tiger Woods for inspiration.

The Shaft Caddy is lightweight and easily adjusts to fit the size of any standard tablet or mobile device. Its stainless steel and brass hardware are corrosion resistant and the metal arm is scratch-free, so dad will enjoy this golf accessory for years to come!

Shaft Caddy products are proudly made in the USA, have long-lasting durability and were designed by fathers for fathers. With a myriad of purposes, we’re confident that the Shaft Caddy is the perfect product for your golfin’ pop. Order dad’s today!